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Dates: Next program runs from mid September - December 2023

The culture we live in does not support men to engage with their own deep story; to see vulnerability as a form of strength and emotion as a natural and powerful expression of masculinity. For this reason, many men live with a level of remoteness and guardedness from other men, a pattern which is most pronounced in the absence of deep father-son bonds. ManTribe is specifically designed to re-create the type of safety and belonging we arrive in the world expecting, yet so rarely receive. 

In the safety of community, we explore the archetypal patterns of men, be it with our families, our lovers, our purpose, emotions and our sense of masculinity. The program is deliberately designed to balance the kind of safety, learning, reflection, challenge and inspiration needed for men to undergo deep growth.


What can i expect?

Sessions are facilitated by Tony Tow, who is a professional facilitator, storyteller and executive coach. Tony has spent the last decade participating in and facilitating experiential programs for leaders and groups of men. You can learn more about Tony here. 

The program involves a 4-month journey of 10 x 3-hour sessions with an intimate group of up to 8 men. These sessions are run weekly (with a break week each month) at a small purpose-built studio in Bondi. Each session is dedicated to a specific topic core to the life of every man, with intersession activities and resources designed to support you to integrate the learning.

The program includes:

Optional resources to support you to deepen into each topic (e.g. podcasts, articles, audiobooks)

10 facilitated 3-hour sessions at our custom-built studio

A ManTribe participant journal

A post program facilitated session to set you and your tribe of men up with templates and resources needed to continue meeting on a monthly basis

A closing ritual designed to support the integration of program experiences into everyday life

Intersession reflection prompts and exercises to support the integration of the work


Program participants have frequently
cited the following benefits:

Increased self confidence and the ability to operate with integrity and authenticity

Progressive change in a number of areas (this varies from man to man) for example;

- improved relationships with parents or children,

- greater clarity on career direction,

- a deepening of relationship with a life partner

Far greater self-awareness and ability to interact with powerful emotions

An intimate group of male friendships that continue well beyond the formal program



Any man is welcome to apply for the program. This said, exploring these topics requires a level of emotional maturity and readiness. Men typically range in age from late 20’s to early 50’s.

“I cannot stress enough how valuable ManTribe was for me. For the health of my masculinity and the health of all relationships in my life - especially with my lover, family and friends. It was a place and time to open up and talk about things us men don't ever usually talk about it. Sharing, listening and gaining wisdom from other fellas was so valuable to me and a practice I look forward to developing more."

Dylan Smith,
Health and Wellness Practitioner

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