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About Tony



Tony is a professional executive coach, facilitator and leadership expert.


When he is not facilitating ManTribe, he works at Bendelta, Australia’s most awarded and recognised leadership firm. He works with leaders across all sectors not just to develop leadership skills such as delegation and communication (horizontal development) but more importantly to explore the underlying beliefs, assumptions and motivations (vertical development) that shape the way a leader shows up.

These experiences over decades have helped to shape a clear understanding of what’s needed to really shift the dial on personal leadership and growth. The program is designed specifically with this knowledge in mind, for example:

Program feature

This helps to...

It is facilitated to create extremely high levels of psychological safety.

Create the kind of belonging and intimacy needed for deep work and transformation.

It is deliberately designed over 4 months to allow rich and powerful face-to-face experiences balanced with ample space for individual reflection.

Support men to integrate the work and habituate new ways of being and relating.

It leverages powerful imagery through stories and poetry.

Create peak emotive experiences which help to anchor personal insights deep within memory.

Outside of work, Tony is a father, a husband and can be found with his small family down in Bondi at the farmers markets each week. 


To learn more or register for the next ManTribe program see our course details.

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