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ManTribe was founded to solve a personal need of mine.
Best to start with a story… 

I have a number of enduring friendships with men but observed a lack of depth in our relationships. This pattern was interrupted over a casual discussion one summer afternoon at a local cafe when a close friend shared with me the grief he had experienced carrying the weight of a suicidal family member while growing up. His deep sharing prompted me unexpectedly to share more of my own story. We both felt deeply nourished for days after that conversation. 


More than anything, that conversation acted as an irritant for me. I was left puzzled by a question that followed me around for months; “How is it possible that I’ve known this man for so long and yet knew so little about his story and interior world?”. I wondered what else had remained unshared between us despite our enduring friendship. 


It was from the seed of this question that ManTribe was born. It started with a hypothesis that my own yearning for greater connection was not an isolated occurrence but a theme amongst men. That men need closeness with other men in order to thrive. That we need to celebrate together, grieve together, be in community together… and that through the safety of journeying together, we might have the courage to take steps that make us better sons, brothers and fathers.

ManTribe is the vehicle through which this happens.
A live experiment that seeks an answer to the question;

“What if men were deeply nourished by a sense of Tribe, not because of a happenstance cafe conversation, but as a way of being in the world?”.

We’d love you to join the ManTribe community.

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